About Us


Inoir was founded in 2016 in London by designer Duo Assamara and Chanelle, Inoir's signature melanin apparel is the hot new product empowering the man and woman of colour. 

Created from a sense of raw feminine attitude, INOIR embodies a unapologetic attitude of confident sensibility that merges minimalist silhouettes with intricate details, that translates into a understated collection.
The collection 
has an alluring sense of energy that seeks to inspire.  

Motivated by the black lives matter movement, music, fashion and art the Inoir brand is continuing to grow in a very positive way. 


Our Mission

INOIR seeks to inspire, motivate and celebrate women of colour. The Products, images and quotes of success, embodies defiance, beauty and educate. In essence were celebrating ourselves because historically black women haven't had the type of support that other groups have had.